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EMERGENCYDR.ORG , a product of Coherence Apps LLC, is a first stop for help with sudden onset health issues Often such things come on suddenly, in the middle of the night or on a weekend, when access to doctors is not available. Suffering can be severe and even scary. In the case of Ebola, it can even be life-threatening!

Sudden ailments, even serious ones, have been part of human history forever. Evolution has developed natural mechanisms in the body and psyche that fight acute suffering.

Strengthening these natural mechanisms should be the first approach before resorting to medications. Supportive care includes getting plenty of fluids to reduce toxicity, getting plenty of rest to allow the body the energy to heal, and getting adequate nutrition. Reducing stress helps as well; certainly, maintaining stressful circumstances weakens the body’s healing energies.

In addition to supporting healing processes, it is possible to actively stimulate them through nontoxic energy applications such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and other energy influences.

Coherence Apps has created digitized versions of homeopathic remedies which, when professionally chosen, are capable of gently stimulating the body’s energy plane to function more efficiently. The body has the capacity to heal itself in most instances. When its own energies are stimulated, the body passes through the acute condition and health is restored.

For conditions listed in tabs above, some of such eRemedies are readily defined. Simply downloading them and playing them on the cell phone as instructed may enhance the body to move toward healing. Other conditions are more complex and require answering a number of questions to identify the eRemedy which resonates best with complex patterns of symptoms. Once identified, the appropriate eRemedy is downloaded and played according to specified instructions.