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Homeopaths, feel free to use these eRemedies in your practice. When you get feedback, positive or not, please send it to me so I can refine results.

Please send feedback on responses to me at,

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Remedy Name Link to Remedy
Carc30N Carc30N
Sep30N Sep30N
Sil30N Sil30N
Rhus-tox200N Rhus-tox200N
Gels200N Gels200N
Ars-sulph-flav200N Ars-sulph-flav200N
Hyos30N Hyos30N
Calc-f-30-N Calc-f-30-N
Carbo-veg30N Carbo-veg30N
Merc-sol30N Merc-sol30N
Nux-mosch30N Nux-mosch30N
Borax30N Borax30N
Phos-ac30N Phos-ac30N
Lyssin30N Lyssin30N
Merc-cor30N Merc-cor30N
Ran-bulb30N Ran-bulb30N
Cocc30N Cocc30N
Kali-carb30N Kali-carb30N
Nit-ac30N Nit-ac30N
Plat200B&T Plat200B&T
Caust30N Caust30N
Acon200N Acon200N
Lyco30N Lyco30N
Chin-ars30N Chin-ars30N
Dig30N Dig30N
Chel30N Chel30N
Nat-mur30N Nat-mur30N
Glon30N Glon30N
Phos30N Phos30N
Baryta-carb30N Baryta-carb30N
Lac-can30N Lac-can30N
Ars-alb30B&T Ars-alb30B&T
Bell200N Bell200N
Coffea30N Coffea30N
Nat-phos30N Nat-phos30N
Ign30N Ign30N
Puls30B&T Puls30B&T
Meli30N Meli30N
Ars-iod30N Ars-iod30N
Kali-phos30N Kali-phos30N
Chin-sulph30N Chin-sulph30N
Graph200N Graph200N
Rhodo30N Rhodo30N
Nux-vom200N Nux-vom200N
Op30N Op30N
Test Test
Kali-iod30N Kali-iod30N
Nit-ac200N Nit-ac200N
Arg-nit30N Arg-nit30N
Nat-carb30N Nat-carb30N
Med30N Med30N
Arnica30B&T Arnica30B&T
Cuprum-met200N Cuprum-met200N
Cic-vir30N Cic-vir30N
Plb-met200N Plb-met200N
Lyco200E&K Lyco200E&K
Calc-carb30N Calc-carb30N
China30N China30N
Cocc30N2 Cocc30N2
Plb-met30N Plb-met30N